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NBL Canada Names New Deputy Commissioner

Released: October 05, 2017
By: NBL Canada Media

London — The National Basketball League of Canada is pleased to announce the immediate appointment of Audley Stephenson to the position of deputy commissioner as voted upon by the Board of Govenors.

The primary function of deputy commissioner will be to manage all league/basketball day-to-day and game day operations including and not limited to administrative functions ie the issuance of fines and suspensions etc.

Stephenson will be the third individual named to the position in league history and steps into this role after serving the last six seasons in a variety of capacities such as public/media relations, communication and content strategy plus a variety of internal roles within the league.

In hiring Stephenson, NBL Canada brings on someone who has a strong familiarity with league operations and has experience working with the teams, players and coaches and will require very little time orientating himself to his new position.

"As a board, we're excited to have Audley move into the deputy commissioner role, given his track record of success the last six years there's no question that he'll be able to hit the ground running" said league president Vito Frijia. He added, "His positive attitude and infectious personality will be a welcome addition to the league executive and I'm also  pleased that we were able to promote from within further demonstrating the opportunities NBL Canada has continually created since its inception"

Stephenson will begin his new role immediately.

The Board of Directors are currently in the midst of a process to hire a commissioner who will take the lead on sponsorship, expansion and sales.
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