Canada's Court Week 3: Nationals Aplenty in League’s Leaderboards

Canada's Court Week 3: Nationals Aplenty in League’s Leaderboards

Lightning guard, Garrett Williamson, enters list for first time

By José Colorado

Three weeks into the NBLC season and a plethora of Canadians appear intent on sticking at the top of the league's individual leaderboards.

There are the usual suspects, Jamal Reynolds, Grandy Glaze and Alex Campbell, who all appear in the top-five of at least one of the more renowned statistical categories (e.g. points, rebounds, blocks).

But then there are many others making their respective mark on the league as well, including first-time Canada Court member, Garrett Williamson, who ranks third in field goal percentage at 63.6 per cent.

Even Windsor Express guard Richard Amardi – who is currently on the outside looking in for this list - sits fourth in three-point percentage at 54.2 per cent.

With more Canadians than ever finding their rhythm as the season drums along, it's likely more movement is forthcoming in the weeks to come.

1. Jamal Reynolds (Pickering, Ont.) Team: Cape Breton Highlanders (2-3)
Stats this week: 14 points (41.7 per cent field goal), 10 rebounds, three blocks, one game played
Season stats: 22.2 points per game (55.7 per cent field goal), 7.6 rebounds, 1.4 blocks

When you've been as sensational as Jamal Reynolds has been thus far, a down-night can be more than excused every once and a while.

The Pickering-native didn't perform poorly by any stretch of the imagination this past week however as Reynolds was still able to notch his second double-double of the year with 14 points (five-for-12 field goal shooting), 10 rebounds and three blocks in a 102-89 loss to the top-ranked Moncton Magic.

Even if Reynolds were to lower his play in the coming weeks, he'd still be ahead of the pack by a few notches– he's been that good to start.

2. Grandy Glaze (Toronto, Ont.) Team: Sudbury Five (4-1)
Stats this week: 9.5 points per game (50 per cent field goal), 9.5 rebounds, 2 assists, two games played
Season stats: 11.2 points per game (58.5 per cent field goal), 11.6 rebounds per game

It was a give-and-take type of week for Grandy Glaze as the big man's two-game double-double streak came to an end in a home-and-home series against the Windsor Express.

Glaze registered a season-low five points (two-of-eight field goal shooting) to go along with 13 rebounds in his opening game of the week– a 103-91 road loss.

He then followed that up with a much more efficient 14 points (six-of-eight field goal shooting) but only while grabbing a season-worst six rebounds in a 116-112 win over the Express.

Glaze on the whole however has been stellar for the Five off the bench.

He continues to lead the league in rebounding while being fifth in field goal percentage - not only putting him in the discussion for Canadian Player of the Year but also Sixth Man honours.

3. Garrett Williamson (Lower Merion, Pa.) Team: London Lightning (3-2)
LW RANK: Unranked
Stats this week: 17 points per game (69 per cent field goal), 3.5 rebounds, five assists, two games played
Season stats: 15 points per game (63.6 field goal), 3.8 rebounds, 3.8 assists

Holding dual nationality by way of his mother's side, Williamson makes his first appearance on Canada's Court.

The Canadian – American has quietly inched up his play over the past few weeks making his gaudy efficiency impossible to ignore any longer.

At 63.6 per cent shooting, Williamson ranks first amongst Canadians in field goal shooting, second in points (15) and third in assist-turnover ratio (7.5).

This past week the 30-year-old continued his ascension in play as he shot a blistering 69 per cent from the floor while notching 10 assists with only one turnover in a pair of games.

As mentioned, efficient.

4. Alex Campbell (Brampton, Ont.) Team: Island Storm (2-1)
Stats this week: 13 points (four-for-12 field goal shooting), 10 rebounds, four assists, three steals, one game played
Season stats: 12.3 points per game (40 per cent field goal), 10.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists

With Campbell ranking second in league rebounding at just six-foot-two and seventh in assists (first amongst Canadians), one might ask why the dynamo point guard isn't higher on this list.

As was the argument in the latest power rankings, it is not from a short-coming in Campbell's play but rather simply from a lack of games thus far.

The Canadians ranking above him have had at least five bouts to date. Campbell, thus, has had a greater opportunity to rest on his laurel with only three games played.

But if the Ontarian can continue to put up similar stat lines to what he has been, he could seriously contend for the top spot.

He is the lone guard in the league's top-10 for rebounding and assists - a testament to his rarity of talent. 

5. Gentrey Thomas (Halifax, N.S.) Team: Moncton Magic (7-0)
Stats this week: 6.5 points per game (31.25 per cent field goal), 5.5 rebounds, two games played
Season stats: 11.1 points per game (43.3 per cent field goal, 40 per cent three-pointers), 3.3 rebounds

With KW Titans' guard, Ashton Smith, having to sit out a game and playing minimally (12 minutes) in his return and Amardi remaining steady but not outstanding for the Express this past week, Gentrey Thomas clings onto the final spot by default.

The Halifax-native saw his scoring output nearly half this past week as he managed only 13 points on 31.25 per cent shooting in a pair of games.

Thomas' reduced production did not spell trouble for the Magic however as the club stretched its franchise-record unbeaten streak to seven games.

And that may be great for Moncton but bad news for Thomas in Canada's Court.

Over the course of the season the Magic have steadily decreased Thomas' minutes to the point of this past week where he set consecutive season-lows in that category at 18 and 13, respectively.

The shooting guard has not hit double-digits in points in the past three games.

Sixth Man:
Richard Amardi, Windsor Express

13.4 points per game (49 per cent field goal, 54.2 per cent three-pointers), 3.2 rebounds, 1.6 steals