Meshack Lufile: Ready for the Postseason

Meshack Lufile: Ready for the Postseason

By: Cole Shelton

The regular season is winding down and Meshack Lufile is ready to be a part of the playoffs.

The Canadian is currently with the Halifax Hurricanes where he has become an important bench player on the team. There, he is averaging 4.7 points and 3.1 rebounds. But, one thing that really stands out is Lufile's shooting. He is averaging 57.6% from the field and 50% from three. That is something Lufile is always working on.

"I mean, playing my position, normally my field goal is typically high," Lufile said. "But, I always work on my shot. This summer I wanted to join a team to compete for a championship and this is why I came here. I am just doing whatever to help the team win."

Meanwhile, something else Lufile does really well is play defence at a high-level. The Canadian knows good defence will get him and keep him on the court.

"Well, I always had the impression that defence wins championships," he explained. "A lot of games I have won in my lifetime has been through defensive. I actually won defensive player in my final year. If you can play defence, you can always play on the floor. Especially on this team where they aren't looking for guys like LeBron. I think being able to play both sides will help me throughout my career."

Although the focus is on the playoffs and continuing to play basketball at a high-level, something that is unique to Meshack is the fact that he gets to play professional basketball in Canada and alongside his brother. He would have never imagined he would get the opportunity to do either, and for me, it is quite surreal.

"It is dope. Last we played together was in high school," Lufile said "I never thought in a million years that we would both play professional basketball together. It is something we aren't taking for granted. I don't know the next time for the opportunity if we ever will so it has been good.

"It is amazing. I think it is great especially for Canadians baller," he later added. "If you look at America they have the NBA, G League, in Canada we don't have much so this league gives us all a chance to play pro ball in our home country. I mean it is a dream come true."

Ultimately, for Lufile, to be playing on a team that could very well win the championship is amazing. He knew this is why he came to Halifax and is quite happy with how everything came out. The Burlington native understands that come playoff time, he needs to play his role and excel at it.

"Yeah, I think we have the MVP in Mike Poole. We have a great team that can contribute," he said. "Anyone on any given night can be the leading scorer, we are an unselfish team. Playing on a deep team is cool, it is all hands on deck."

No matter what, this Hurricanes team is off to the playoffs. They are a perennial contender, and for Lufile, he is excited to be a part of it. He knows there is nothing like playoff basketball and is ready to bring home a championship to Halifax.

"I think the intensity and the crowd," he concluded. "I am just really looking forward to be a part of the run to try and win a championship."