Canada’s Court Week 20: Island’s Boucard Given Top Honour

Canada’s Court Week 20:  Island’s Boucard Given Top Honour

Photo Credit: Philip Matusiewicz

Storm forward dominates following mid-season trade

By José Colorado

The coaches have had their say.

Guillaume Boucard definitely boasted some of the best numbers amongst homegrown talent but is it his time with the Island Storm that truly catapulted him into the discussion of the prestigious award.

Just consider that in 15 games with the St. John's Edge – the club Boucard began the season with - the forward averaged just 6.3 points, 4.8 rebounds and less than a single assist on 40.8 per cent shooting from the floor.

In his proceeding 27 bouts with the Storm: 19.7 points per game, 8.5 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.5 steals on 44 per cent shooting.

Taken together (42 games) that's a total season average of 15 points per game, 7.19 rebounds, 3.33 assists and 1.23 steals on 43.47 per cent shooting while his latter team finished 12 – 28 (win-loss) on the year.

Indeed while a formidable stat line and certainly worthy of the All – Canadian team, it is nonetheless difficult to objectively argue against Cape Breton's Jamal Reynolds – a player Canada's Court had pegged at the No.1 spot since week 15 onwards.

In fact when it boils down to the overall season averages, Reynolds has Boucard beat in points (17.9 per game), rebounds (nine), field goal percentage (53.1 per cent) and team wins (19).

Luckily for the Pickering-native Reynolds should still have a strong case for Sixth Man of the Year and Most Improved in the weeks to come.

After 20 weeks of close observation and weekly analysis, here's how Canada's Court would distribute the rest of the year-end awards to the NBLC's finest Canucks:

NBLC First Team All – Canadian

Ashton Smith (Scarborough, Ont.) – Guard, KW Titans

Alex Campbell (Brampton, Ont.) – Guard, Island Storm

Garrett Williamson (Canadian by way of dual citizenship) – Guard, London Lightning

Guillaume Boucard (Montreal, Que.) – Forward, Island Storm

Jamal Reynolds (Pickering, Ont.) – Forward, Cape Breton Highlanders

NBLC Second Team All – Canadian

Junior Cadougan (North York, Ont.) – Guard, St. John's Edge

Gentrey Thomas (Halifax, NS.) – Guard, Moncton Magic

Chris Johnson (North Preston, N.S.) – Guard, Cape Breton Highlanders

Tyrrel Tate (Calgary, Alta.) – Guard/Forward, Windsor Express

Denzell Taylor (Toronto, Ont.) – Forward, Moncton Magic

Honourable mentions (players with significant contributions but ineligible due to not completing the amount of games required)

Terry Thomas (Dartmouth, N.S.) – Guard, Halifax Hurricanes

Joel Friesen (Abbotsford, B.C.) - Guard, KW Titans

Carl English (St. John's N.L.) – Guard, St. John's Edge

Mamadou Gueye ( Quebec City, Que.) – Forward, Sudbury Five

Murphy Burnatowski (Waterloo, Ont.) – Forward, St. John's Edge

Canadians players represented in Canada's Court this season (18 total, nine teams):

Jamal Reynolds (Cape Breton Highlanders)

Aaron Redpath (Cape Breton Highlanders)

Chris Johnson (Cape Breton Highlanders)

Grandy Glaze (Subury Five)

Gentrey Thomas (Moncton Magic)

Denzell Taylor (Moncton Magic)

Alex Campbell (Island Storm)

Guillaume Boucard (Island Storm)

Diego Kapelan (St. John's Edge)

Junior Cadougan (St. John's Edge)

Carl English (St. John's Edge)

Greg Morrow (KW Titans)

Ashton Smith (KW Titans)

Joel Friesen (KW Titans)

Richard Amardi (Windsor Express)

Tyrrel Tate (Windsor Express)

Tyrone Watson (Halifax Hurricanes)

Garrett Williamson (London Lightning)